In the Valley of Elah

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In the Valley of Elah movie, film In the Valley of Elah, In the Valley of Elah picture, In the Valley of Elah posterStudio: Warner Independent Pictures

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Movie Synopsis:
On his first weekend back after serving in Iraq, Mike Deerfield goes missing and is reported AWOL. When Hank Deerfield, a former military MP and his wife Joan get the phone call with the disturbing news, Hank sets out to search for their son. Emily Sanders, a police detective in the jurisdiction where Mike was last seen, reluctantly helps him in his search. As the evidence grows, her missing persons case begins to look more and more like foul play, and soon Sanders finds herself in a fight with the military brass as she and Hank struggle to keep control of the investigation. But when the truth about Mikes time in Iraq finally begins to emerge, Hanks entire world is challenged and forced to reevaluate long-held beliefs to solve the mystery behind his son disappearance.
Director: Paul Haggis
Tommy Lee Jones as Hank Deerfield
Charlize Theron as Det. Emily Sanders
Frances Fisher as Evie
Susan Sarandon as Joan Deerfield
James Franco as Sergeant Dan Carnelli
Jason Patric as Lt. Kirklander
Jonathan Tucker as Mike Deerfield
Mehcad Brooks as Specialist Ennis Long
Wes Chatham as Sargeant Penning
Genre: Drama,Thriller

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