The Good Night

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Movie Synopsis:
Gary, a once successful musician, struggles with his career and an inert relationship with his girlfriend Dora. As his work as a commercial jingle writer spirals into ever more degrading depths, his best friend and former band mate Paul seems to find success at every turn. Gary is depressed and dejected until he meets Anna. She is everything Gary wants sexually, artistically and intellectually--she is the girl of his dreams, literally. But Gary can only be with Anna in sleep which consequently sends him on a quest for more frequent slumber. With the help of a new age guru named Mel, Gary shuns reality for the comfort of his dreams even as the troubles of his waking life increase.
Director: Jake Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow as Dora
Martin Freeman as Gary
Danny DeVito as Mel
Penelope Cruz as Anna
Sonia Doubell as Shawna
Simon Pegg as Paul
Amber Rose Sealey as Terry
Producer: Donna Gigliotti
Oliver Hengst
Screenwriter: Jake Paltrow
Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance

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