Feel the Noise

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Movie Synopsis:
After a run-in with local thugs, aspiring Harlem rapper Rob flees to a place and father he never knew, and finds his salvation in Reggaetón, a spicy blend of hip-hop, reggae and Latin beats. Puerto Rico, the spiritual home of Reggaetón, inspires Rob and his half-brother Javi to pursue their dream of becoming Reggaetón stars. Together with a dancer named C.C., they learn what it means to stay true to themselves and each other, while overcoming obstacles in love, greed and pride, all culminating in an explosive performance at New York’s Puerto Rican Day Parade.
Director: Alejandro Chomski
Giancarlo Esposito as Roberto
James McCaffrey as Jeffrey Skyler
Melonie Diaz as Mimi
Omarion Grandberry as Rob
Victor Rasuk as Javi
Cisco Reyes as Pito
Meredith Ostrom as Noelia
Producer: Jennifer Lopez
Sofia Sondervan
Screenwriter: Albert Leon
Genre: Drama,Music

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