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Dated Released : 3 December 2009
Quality : DVDRip
Info :
Lihat : trailer
Starring : Soo-bin Bae, Kim Beom, Byeol Kim
Genre : Drama

Download Files: part1 - part2|Sub Eng


Si-bum (Kim Beom) has a dream of being an actor. One day, he meets a girl Su-kyoung (Kim Byeol) and falls in love with her at first sight. With Si-bum together, Su-kyoung seems to get over her pain and also the uncomfortable relationship with her father. But after a while, she has to confront her mother’s death.

To escape from the reality, they take a trip to the sea but then Su-kyoung gets severely injured from a car accident. Desperately struggling to save her, Si-bum steals money to pay her hospital and this leads him to work in a bar to serve rich girls.

Now Si-bum uses his acting skill to relieve Su-kyoung and pretends he makes a living from acting. But when he is getting popular, he decides to follow his friend Young-ho to Seoul to make more money. One day he comes across one of his old friends and gets involved in a big fight.

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